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    AGF Blendy Cafe Latory Stick 6P

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    AGF Blendy Cafe Latory Stick 6P

     Blendy café latory milk café latte is a box containing 20 single serving individually wrapped “stick type” instant milk café latte containers. You can enjoy a tick café Latte just kike at your favorite café It’s made with plenty of Rich coffee and Rich milk. A café latte featuring milk’s natural depth and mellowness from the first sip to the very last drop, you can experience a smooth froth like at your favorite specialty shop at work home or play. 

    Pour one stick in a cup of hot water (160 ml), stir well and enjoy. This is most delicious instant coffee that is 93% caffeine free and after drinking immediately energy booster and mind refreshes.


    “Blendy Café Latory” is a high-quality and popular instant stick series that you can easily enjoy the taste of a specialty store with a single stick.
    AGF “Blendy Café Latory” Stick 8 rich milk café latte is a discerning café latte that uses plenty of rich coffee and creamy milk. Individually wrapped stick type where each cup is always fresh.
    Please enjoy the authentic taste of a specialty store that foams the moment you brew hot water.
    Sweetness level 3 (Comparison with AGF Blendy Cafe Latory),
    If you put half the usual hot water and ice in one stick, you can easily enjoy ice latte.

    • Features: Because it is a stick type, it is easy to drink, does not get damp, and is safe to store. Since each cup is individually wrapped, it is easy to carry fresh milk latte anytime, anywhere.
    Ingredients: Vegetable oil, starch syrup, instant coffee, sugar, dextrin, skim milk powder, lactose, salt / ph adjuster, milk protein, fragrance (derived from milk), stabilizer (processed starch), emulsifier, sweetener (aspartame / L) -Phenylalanine compound, acesulfame K), fine silicon oxide, seasoning (amino acid)



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